Friday, April 20, 2007

Music Preview: Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver happens to be one of my personal favorite post-grunge bands of this decade, with some of the greatest rock musicians of the late 80's and 90's as it's members.

After their platinum debut album Contrabrand, VR is releasing their second album Libertad on July 3 this year. I couldn't be more excited and hopefully it will be at least as good as the first CD, even if it's different.

They have just concluded a tour of South America, and a couple of their new songs were recorded in concert and leaked on the Internet. The link is below:

These new songs rock! But, hopefully the recorded versions will be better. The concert I attended of VR in 2004 is one of the best performances I've ever seen, besides U2 and hopefully they'll tour in the mid-south later this year! They did play some covers of their former bands Guns N' Roses and Stone Temple Pilots last time around, but reports say they may not repeat that this time around. Too bad...

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