Saturday, April 14, 2007

Concert Review: JET

Artist: JET
Location: New Daisy, Memphis TN
Genre: Rock
How was the show? Awesome!

I had nothing to expect. I have heard Jet's songs before, liked them, but never considered them to be one of my favorite bands. Being deprived of a good concert for a while, I decided to give this one a shot. And it was worth every penny, every decibel, and every brain-cell lost.

This Australian band from Melbourne is a classy hybrid of Beatles and AC/DC with all their originality. And yet, they're one of the few modern rock bands that still actually rock. They're not any of the "emo" boy bands or speed-metal gothic wannabes. They're a real rock band, with a real bunch of bad-asses, and well utilized talent. Lead vocalist/guitarist Nic Cester can scream all he wants, whenever he wants and still not make it one bit ugly.

The band started with "Last Chance" and rocked everyone's face off since minute one.
They sang most of their songs from both albums, including "Are you gonna be my girl," "Cold Hard Bitch," "Look what you've done," "Rollover DJ," "Put your money where your mouth is," "Bring it on back" etc.. The encore started with Nic Cester singing "Shine On" with the guitar all by himself. That's one of the best one-man performances I have seen in a while.

The most daring, or unusual, deed at the concert was where Nic Cester stood on top of the bass-drum a couple of times and owned the stage completely.

The lighting, the sound, and the performance as a whole was just superb! This was a concert I surely won't forget for quite a while. Do check them out if they're in your area soon.

Rock on, JET!


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