Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jet Li & Jackie Chan in a movie? HELL YEA!

As a martial art movie fan, today's news on collider and other related sites couldn't have been any better for me. Jackie Chan and Jet Li are working together for the first time in a movie about "The Monkey King" due for release next year. Li will play the double role of the Monkey King Sun Wu-k'ung and the Silent Monk, while Chan will play heroic monk T'sha Ho.

Jet Li had announced retirement from epic action flicks after last year's blockbuster Fearless, but has still signed up for this movie and another about warlords in ancient China.

Adding to the good news of this collaboration is that Yuen-Woo Ping is doing the action choreography for "monkey king" - which makes it all a triple whammy! Ping choreographed all the fight scenes in the Matrix trilogy, Crouching Tiger, Kill Bill I & II and many of Jet Li's greatest movies.

In my honest opinion, the casting and production team would be complete with Donnie Yen joining the cast as one of the fighters. Yen is one of the guys you see in every other Jet Li flick dominating one or two fight scenes with Li and almost winning every time.

Would this be a Drunken vs Shaolin Tai-Chi battle? We'll wait and see...

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In related yet other news, Jet Li has signed on to act in Mummy 3 with Brendan Fraser and ... yes, Michelle Yeoh! Rachel Weisz has grown as an actress and even won an Oscar since the last Mummy movie, but 3 would be incomplete without her, IMO.

"I can still kick your ass!"

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