Thursday, May 31, 2007

Song/Video Review: "She Builds Quick Machines" by Velvet Revolver

I know I've blogged about this song before, when it was leaked on the net etc.. but it didn't take too long for it to grow on me. Great song, good music/lyrics and entertaining video as well.

While the lyrics focus on a girl with a hazardous lifestyle trying to make ends meet in questionable ways, the video focuses on the band's album concept: Libertad. It's another hot day in the Mexican dessert and the band members are dressed and equipped as modern day cowboys trying to rescue a winged angel kidnapped by some rural tyrants. The girl's character is Libertad, implying the "Angel of Freedom," played by a young Mexican actress from the capital city. The setting is similar to that of any Spaghetti Western flick, with Scott Weiland not so surprisingly resembling Clint Eastwood, and bassist Duff McKagan starting to resemble David Bowie in these later years. My favorite guitarist Slash, I believe, refused to play cowboy and insisted to be shown playing his guitar during the solo sequence, even though none of the other musicians had their instruments.

However, I don't fancy the new album cover (above) too much. It has the same color theme as their first CD Contraband, and their earlier suggestion for Libertad was much better.

Song: 8/10
Video: 7.5/10
CD Cover: 6/10

Can't wait till the album comes out! Enjoy the music video below:

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